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  • Report Form | Centennial Regional

    Report Form First Name Last Name We collect your name in order to better take action on what has been reported. The administration team will be the only ones who know who reported the following information. Tell us what you would like to report. How did you find out about this? Choose an option Thanks for telling us, we will look into it. Submit

  • TAG Program | Centennial Regional High School

    TAG Program Centennial’s Accelerated Group program (TAG) has a long-standing tradition of producing top students who are academically prepared for higher education. The TAG program nurtures the growth of talented and gifted learners. It fosters their unique abilities, talents, and interests by implementing a differentiated curriculum that offers students opportunities to aspiring to reach high academic achievement and stimulate their intellectual curiosity. TAG students are offered endless opportunities to enhance their skills through participation in events beyond the classroom. Past events include the Commonwealth Essay Competition, Poetry Competitions, Regional, Provincial and International Science Fairs, Mathematics Competitions, and Leadership Camps. Centennial’s Accelerated Group Program consists of two different options: Math & Science Option The TAG Math & Science option is designed to provide the best possible preparation for CEGEP study in science re-lated fields. Students enrolled in the Math & Science option will be accelerated in both Math and Science, and will have a competitive advantage by taking CEGEP based curriculum courses while in high school. For more information please contact: Mr. Barry Dobbs - or Mr. Brandon Rogers - or TAG Math & Science Option Curriculum: Cycle 1 Year I (grade 7) • Math 106-206 Accelerated • Science et Technologie 104-204 Accelerated • Geographie et Histoire • French Enriched or Français Cycle 1 Year 2 (grade 8) • Math 306 Enriched • Science & Technology 306 Enriched • Geographie et Histoire • French Enriched or Français Cycle 2 Year 1 (grade 9) • Math 406 (sec. IV MEES exam) • Science & Technology 404 (sec. IV MEES exam) • Histoire for students in Français Cycle 2 Year 2 (grade 10) • Math 506 • Chemistry 504 • Biology 504 (CEGEP prep course) • Histoire for students in Français Cycle 2 Year 3 (grade 11) • Advanced Chemistry 504 (CEGEP prep course) • Math Topics/Calculus 506 (CEGEP prep course) • Physics 504 • Monde contemporain for students in Français Liberal Arts Option The TAG Liberal Arts option is an enriched program that focuses on the Arts and Social Sciences curriculum as a way to develop ana-lytical and critical thinkers. The Liberal Arts option creates a stimulating environment that promotes collaboration, leadership, and creativity. For more information please contact: Ms. Jennifer Goodall - TAG Liberal Arts Option Curriculum: Liberal Arts Option starts in Cycle 1 Year 2 (Grade 8) Cycle 1 Year 2 (grade 8) • English Language Arts 206-306 Enriched • History 304 Cycle 2 Year 1 (grade 9) • History 404 (Sec. IV MEES exam) • English Language Arts 306 - with Advanced Creative Writing Cycle 2 Year 2 (grade 10) • English Language Arts 406-506 Enriched • C-World Accelerated Cycle 2 Year 3 (grade 11) • 506 MEES Exam • Liberal Arts Seminar (Art History, Independent Research Project & Philosophy) • History of Genocide & Sociology

  • Principal's Welcome | Centennial Regional High School

    Principal's Welcome Welcome Students and Parents, As a student, your years at Centennial will be filled with countless opportunities for you to experience academic success and to get involved in student life activities. Whether your interests lie in sports, sciences, the creative or performing arts, literature, languages, ethics, writing, mathematics, history, geography, technology, entrepreneurship or leadership – there is something special here at Centennial for you! Centennial Regional High School offers you a great opportunity to have an exceptionally positive experience at the secondary level. The curriculum is broad and challenging. It offers you the opportunity to master the skills that will be needed for the career path you eventually select. Our extracurricular program reflects the interests of all students. Many different activities of interest are available which will encourage and support your personal growth and development. Your secondary school experience will be whatever you choose to make of it. It will be determined by your commitment, conduct and contributions. We count on your loyal support, active participation and sincere efforts in maintaining the tradition of Centennial as being an outstanding place of learning. Sherry Tite Principal

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