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About the School

Centennial Regional High School (CRHS) is a co-ed comprehensive public high school located in Greenfield Park, Québec. The school opened in 1972 and was named to commemorate the centennial anniversary of Canada's confederation. There are over 1,000 students that attend the school each year. The school's strength and value is derived from its culturally diverse student body and staff.  Centennial maintains a strong and rich intercultural tradition and continues to promote mutual respect and understanding among their students, staff and community.

The mission of Centennial Regional High School is to educate students to achieve their full potential through academic diversity, structured discipline and ethnic harmony.

Our size is our strength because it allows us to provide a rich variety of program and courses that appeal to the individual needs and talents of our student body.  Student potential is actualized when one has the ability to select subjects that appeal to unique interests and when programs respond to unique needs.

Our size provides the environment within which to promote the dignity of each student through fair and socially sensitive disciplinary principles.  Human potential is developed when one knows that justice and understanding are present to serve unique personalities. Our size is our pride because it allows us to serve a broad ethnic mix among the student body and the staff.  This mix encourages us to promote the mosaic of Canada and provide an atmosphere of integration and mutual respect.  Personal potential is achieved when one’s culture is respected and one’s name promotes pride.

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