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Principal's Welcome

Welcome Students and Parents,

As a student, your years at Centennial will be filled with countless opportunities for you to experience academic success and to get involved in student life activities.

Whether your interests lie in sports, sciences, the creative or performing arts, literature, languages, ethics, writing, mathematics, history, geography, technology, entrepreneurship or leadership – there is something special here at Centennial for you!

Centennial Regional High School offers you a great opportunity to have an exceptionally positive experience at the secondary level.  The curriculum is broad and challenging.  It offers you the opportunity to master the skills that will be needed for the career path you eventually select.  Our extracurricular program reflects the interests of all students.  Many different activities of interest are available which will encourage and support your personal growth and development.

Your secondary school experience will be whatever you choose to make of it.  It will be determined by your commitment, conduct and contributions.  We count on your loyal support, active participation and sincere efforts in maintaining the tradition of Centennial as being an outstanding place of learning.

Sherry Tite
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