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WOTP Prework

Work Oriented Training Pathway (WOTP): Prework

What is WOTP Prework?

In the context of the diversification of learning paths for students, the Work Oriented Training Path (WOTP) enables young people with learning difficulties to pursue their studies through adapted instruction in different contexts and to obtain certification through qualified training which prepares them for the job market. (MEES)

WOTP Prework is a cohort-structured pathway. It is a three-year program with the possibility for students to remain until age 21. 
Who should apply?
- Students who are 15 years old by September 30th.
- Students who have not successfully completed English and Math
- Students whose report card or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) shows that the Prework program is the most likely to meet their interests, needs, and abilities. 

Why Centennial WOTP?
- Small student-to-teacher ratio
- Regular academic and social support
- Real-world work experience within local community businesses
- Possibility of job placement after studies
- Community partnerships
- Development of work skills needed for employment
- Curricular and extracurricular field-trips and opportunities for socialization
- Builds autonomy, self-awareness, and self-confidence
Each student participates in academic, work-placements, and special projects based on their interests and abilities.

Students are encouraged to be fully engaged in various school activities and clubs.

What is the aim of the work-placement stage?
From the Ministry of Education:
The aim of the work-placement stage is to help students construct their occupational identity, adopt behaviors and attitudes required in the workplace and foster their gradual integration into the workforce, by offering them the opportunity to develop work-related competencies in actual work settings. They will also gain a better understanding of employers' requirements and their need for competent, reliable workers. (MEES)

Students' work placements are a valuable part of their CV and demonstrate their ability to strive in the workplace.

The work-placement stages

- Students are placed in one of 129 different government-approved training programs according to their interests and abilities
- Year 1: In-House work opportunities and community volunteerism
- Year 2: 300 hours of real-world stage placements
- Year 3: 600 hours of real-world stage placements
- Fully supported workplace integration and travel-training
- Regular support and supervision at work-place
- Builds competencies, attitudes, and behaviors necessary in the work-place
Upon successful completion of the Centennial WOTP program, students will have a completed Portfolio that includes the following:
- Employability skills
- Resume & letter of intent
- Letters of recommendation
- Work-placement evaluations
- Interview strategies
- Job retention strategies

WOTP Prework Learning Outcomes

- Attestation Diploma of work experience from the Ministère de l'Éducation et Enseignement supérieur (MEES)
- Access to the job market
- Continue education
For more information, please contact:
Steven Chan
Vice Principal
ext. 6777
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