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  • Course Outline | Centennial Regional High School

    Course Outlines ERC erc_1_course_outline erc_2_course_outline erc_4_course_outline erc_5_course_outline communication_and_relation History & Humain Science geography_sec_1 history_sec_1_2021-2022.pdf geography_sec_2_2021-2022.pdf history_sec_2_2021-2022.pdf geographie_cycle_1_sec_1_2_2021-2022.pdf histoire_cycle_1_sec_1_2_2021-2022.pdf history_sec_3_2021-2022.pdf histoire_sec_3_2021-2022.pdf history_sec_4_2021-2022.pdf histoire_sec__4_2021-2022.pdf world_geography_sec_5_2021-2022.pdf contemporary_world_sec_5_2021-2022__1_.pdf monde_contemporain_2021-2022.pdf ancient_history_sec_5_2020-2021.pdf financial_literacy_2021-2022.pdf Éducation_financiÈre_2021-2022.pdf Leadership leadership_course_outline_2021-2022.pdf Science & Technology sci-tech_sec_1_2021-2022.pdf sci_-tech_sec_1_tag_2021-2022.pdf sci-tech_sec_2_2021-2022.pdf sci_-tech_sec_2_tag_2021-2022.pdf sci_-tech_sec_4__2021-2022.pdf sci_-tech_sec_4_enriched_2021-2022.pdf physics_sec_4_tag___sec_5.pdf biology_544_2021-2022.pdf chem_and_chemt_2021-2022.pdf French francais1_2021-2022.pdf francais_lire_2021-2022.pdf francais3_2021-2022.pdf francais4_2021-2022.pdf francais5_2021-2022.pdf fsl1_2021-2022.pdf fsl2_2021-2022.pdf fsl3_2021-2022.pdf fsl4_2021-2022.pdf fsl5_2021-2022.pdf Home Economics family___life_skills vocational_exploration Physical Education phys-ed_sec_1_2021-2022.pdf phys-ed_sec_2_2021-2022.pdf phys-ed_sec_3_2021-2022.pdf phys-ed_sec_4_2021-2022.pdf team_sports_sec__4_2021-2022.pdf phys-ed_sec_5_2021-2022.pdf outdoor_ed_sec_5_2021-2022.pdf physical_activity_for_life_sec_5.pdf Math math_sec.1_course_2021-2022.pdf math_sec.2_course_2021-2022.pdf math_sec.3_course_2021-2022.pdf math_cst_sec.4_2021-2022.pdf math_science_sec.4_2021-2022.pdf math_cst_sec.5_2021-2022.pdf math_science_sec.5_2021-2022.pdf Visual & Performance Arts courseoutlinearts_2021-2022.pdf courseoutlinedrama_2021-2022.pdf courseoutlinemusic_2021-2022.pdf courseoutline_film_creation_2021-2022.pdf musical_theatre_2021-2022.pdf

  • Centennial Regional High School | Greenfield Park

    News & Upcoming Events Information Session 2023-2024 Message to Parents-Guardians Dec. 23, 2022 Information Session 2023-2024 1/7 Centennial Chargers Daily Bulletin Hoodie Orders Virtual Tour Gymnasium Gymnasium Gymnasium Gymnasium 1/5 Auditorium Auditorium 1/1 Library Library Library Library 1/11 Music Classroom Music Classroom 1/1 Student Support Center Student Support Center 1/1 Science Lab Science Lab 1/1 Weight Room Weight Room Weight Room Weight Room 1/5 Resource Room Resource Room 1/1 Cafeteria Cafeteria Cafeteria 1/2 About Us Centennial Regional High School (CRHS) is a co-ed comprehensive public high school located in Greenfield Park. The school opened in 1972 and was named to commemorate the centennial anniversary of Canada's confederation. There are over 1,000 students that attend the school each year. The school's strength and value is derived from its culturally diverse student body and staff. Centennial maintains a strong and rich intercultural tradition and continues to promote mutual respect and understanding among their students, staff and community. Photo of Centennial taken in 1982.

  • Guidance | Centennial Regional High School

    Guidance Academic Advising Office Services provided to all students: - Peer tutoring - Academic Credit checks - one-on-one meetings to discuss future educational pathways and options - Cegep/Vocational School Information - Cegep/Vocational School Application Help - Bursary Information - Resume building - Secondary IV and V Information for parents Rebecca Martindale Guidance Counselor Ronny Jacob Guidance Counselor To request an appointment with the guidance counselor, please click the button below: ​Peer - Tutoring Registration If you would like to sign up for a peer tutor, please click here → Request Appointment Peer-Tutoring IMPORTANT NOTICES Explore all of Québec's colleges and the programs they offer using the website Pygma, designed to help you better understand what programs are offered where and what pre-requisites are needed for admissions. SRAM ROUND 3 DATA If you would like to see the available spots remaining at SRAM CEGEPs, please click here! SCHOLARSHIPS & BURSARIES Desjardins Foundation Scholarships - Application period: October – November ​Desjardins Foundation is a charitable organization that has always made education a priority by promoting knowledge as a way of contributing to the advancement of society and helping people reach their full potential. Eligibility for Foundation scholarships are: a Canadian citizen or have permanent resident status, have a primary residence in Quebec and are enrolled in a full-time vocational, technical, CEGEP, college or university program at a recognized educational institution at the time you receive your scholarship. Please visit for more information and to apply online. Check the site for application deadlines. ​Explore Bursary - Application Period: February Explore another corner of Canada while learning French! Explore is a five week intensive language-immersion program full of opportunities to make discoveries, meet new people and exchange ideas in a stimulating setting for learning your second language. ​Participants in Explore receive a $2200 bursary covering tuition fees for the course, instructional materials, meals and accommodations. ​To be eligible to apply, you must meet the following criteria: be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, have completed at least Grade 11, have been a full-time student for at least one term during the school year and be at least 16 years old on the first day of the course. Visit for more information, application deadlines and to apply on-line. ​ Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarship Program. Application Period: August 1 - October 25 The Horatio Alger Association of Canada is a charitable organization dedicated to the belief that hard work, honesty and determination can conquer all obstacles. Visit the home page to read the criteria details and then apply for this $5000 scholarship.​ Monsanto Scholarship - Application Period: May​ The Monsanto Fund Opportunity Scholarship Program is available to Canadian high school students who are enrolled in their final year of high school as of May 29, of the current year and eligible to graduate from high school in the current year. Those eligible for a scholarship must be planning to enroll at a Canadian post‑secondary institution (degree or diploma) in a first-year agriculture, food science or culinary program. Successful applicants will each be awarded a scholarship valued at $1,500, based on demonstrated academic standards and leadership in the community. Selection will be made by an independent panel. Visit for more information. Check for application deadline. ​Quebec Women's Institute. Application Period: August​ This bursary is administered by the Quebec Women's Institutes and is open to students who are Quebec residents and who are entering CEGEP, University or a Vocational School next fall and are in financial need. Details Application date August. ​ Scholarships Canada - Application Period: January to May​ What's all about? is a database for students looking for scholarships, bursaries, grants and student awards. Visit website for application dates. By signing up, you will get access to: yconic Student Community. Application Period: varies with scholarship yconic is your Student Community. It offers free scholarship matching & peer-to-peer support for life as a student.​ ​ List of websites to find scholarships​​ www.quebecscholarships.c Peer-Tutoring Program The peer-tutoring program is accepting requests for tutors. Please fill out the below form. A reply to your request will be given within 2-5 business days. GENERAL TERMS OF THE PROGRAM The following at the general terms of the program: 1. Parental consent is an absolute requirement. 2. Peer tutoring at school is held after school and during weekends exclusively online. It is at the discretion of the tutor and tutee to schedule the appointments. 3. The tutee is responsible for a 15$/hr fee for the tutor each session. a. Payment is due after each session. 4. The tutee must give 24-hour notice to the tutor in the event of canceling a session. 5. The tutee will be required to pay a 10$ fee if he/she fails to notify the tutor in advance. 6. After two consecutive cancellations, tutoring arrangements must be confirmed by the Guidance Department. Sign up for a tutor Peer-Tutoring

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    There’s Nothing Here... We can’t find the page you’re looking for. Check the URL, or head back home. Go Home

  • About the School | Centennial Regional High School

    About the School Centennial Regional High School (CRHS) is a co-ed comprehensive public high school located in Greenfield Park, Québec. The school opened in 1972 and was named to commemorate the centennial anniversary of Canada's confederation. There are over 1,000 students that attend the school each year. The school's strength and value is derived from its culturally diverse student body and staff. Centennial maintains a strong and rich intercultural tradition and continues to promote mutual respect and understanding among their students, staff and community. The mission of Centennial Regional High School is to educate students to achieve their full potential through academic diversity, structured discipline and ethnic harmony. Our size is our strength because it allows us to provide a rich variety of program and courses that appeal to the individual needs and talents of our student body. Student potential is actualized when one has the ability to select subjects that appeal to unique interests and when programs respond to unique needs. Our size provides the environment within which to promote the dignity of each student through fair and socially sensitive disciplinary principles. Human potential is developed when one knows that justice and understanding are present to serve unique personalities. Our size is our pride because it allows us to serve a broad ethnic mix among the student body and the staff. This mix encourages us to promote the mosaic of Canada and provide an atmosphere of integration and mutual respect. Personal potential is achieved when one’s culture is respected and one’s name promotes pride.

  • Courses | Centennial Regional High School

    Courses MIDDLE SCHOOL SECONDARY III, IV &V Cycle 1 Academic Program At each level: English or Enriched English French/Enriched French/Français Mathematics Ethics and Religious Culture Physical Education and Health In Addition: Year I Geography / Géographie History & Citizenship / Histoire & Citoyenneté Science & Technology I / Science et Technologie I Options: Art* Drama* Music* Dance* Year II Geography / Géographie History & Citizenship / Histoire & Citoyenneté Science & Technology II Options: *Same option as the previous year Cycle II Academic Program At each level: English or Enriched English French/Enriched French/Français Mathematics Physical Education and Health In Addition: Year I Secondary III Arts History & Citizenship Science & Technology POP (Personal Orientation Project) ** Ethics & Religious Culture Year II Secondary IV Arts E.R.C. History & Citizenship Histoire et Citoyenneté Science & Technology Secondary V Arts E.R.C. ​Contemporary World Options for secondary IV and V: Advanced Writing Ancient History Art 504 Biology Booktalk Chemistry Drama 504 Entrepreneurship Exploration of Vocational Training Family Life and Skills Outdoor Education Adventures Physics 504 Physical Activity for Life Science & Technology of the Environment 4 Science of the Environment 5 Script Writing World Geography World History

  • Principal's Welcome | Centennial Regional High School

    Principal's Welcome Welcome Students and Parents, As a student, your years at Centennial will be filled with countless opportunities for you to experience academic success and to get involved in student life activities. Whether your interests lie in sports, sciences, the creative or performing arts, literature, languages, ethics, writing, mathematics, history, geography, technology, entrepreneurship or leadership – there is something special here at Centennial for you! Centennial Regional High School offers you a great opportunity to have an exceptionally positive experience at the secondary level. The curriculum is broad and challenging. It offers you the opportunity to master the skills that will be needed for the career path you eventually select. Our extracurricular program reflects the interests of all students. Many different activities of interest are available which will encourage and support your personal growth and development. Your secondary school experience will be whatever you choose to make of it. It will be determined by your commitment, conduct and contributions. We count on your loyal support, active participation and sincere efforts in maintaining the tradition of Centennial as being an outstanding place of learning. Sherry Tite Principal

  • School Supply List | Centennial Regional High School

    School Supplies Secondary 1 -School Supply List centennial_regional_high_school_secondary_1__2022-2023.pdf Secondary 2 -School Supply List centennial_regional_high_school_secondary_2__2022-2023.pdf Secondary 3 -School Supply List centennial_regional_high_school_secondary_3__2022-2023.pdf Secondary 4 -School Supply List centennial_regional_high_school_secondary_4__2022-2023.pdf Secondary 5 -School Supply List centennial_regional_high_school_secondary_5__2022-2023.pdf

  • Graduation Requirements | Centennial Regional High School

    Graduation Requirements Certification Requirements for Students Currently in Cycle II, Year III (Secondary V) The Ministière de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) will award a Secondary School Diploma to students who have accumulated 54 credits in Cycle II, Year II & III (Secondary IV and V), twenty of which must be from Cycle II, Year III (Secondary V) level courses. The following courses must also be taken and passed: 20 credits at the Cycle II, Year III (Sec. V) level; 6 credits in Cycle II, Year III (Sec. V) English Language Arts; 4 or 6 credits in Cycle II, Year III (Sec. V) French Second Language; 4 credits in Cycle II, Year II (Sec. IV) History & Citizenship; 4 or 6 credits in Cycle II, Year II (Sec. IV) Science & Technology; 4 or 6 credits in Cycle II, Year II (Sec. IV) Mathematics; 2 credits in Cycle II, Year II (Sec. IV) Arts Compulsory; 2 credits in Cycle II, Year III (Sec. V) Ethics & Religious Cultures or Physical Education & Health.

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