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Academic Support

We are extremely proud of the extensive range of academic support services available at Centennial to students in Secondary I through V. Finding the most effective way to reach each of our students is always our priority.

Centennial offers these great academic support programs and activities:
- Centennial Inclusion Aides
- Core Teacher Concept (Middle School) 
- Hand-timetabling (Middle School)
- In-Class Resource Support
- "Looping" (Middle School)
- Orientation Day (Incoming Sec. I Students)
- Peer Counselling
- Peer Tutoring
- Planning Room
- Resource Room
- S.O.S. (Stay Overtime at School) Study Hall
- Student Support Centre
- Camp C (Incoming Sec. I Students)
- Teacher Tutorials
- Y.I.E.L.D. Program
Power Hour Schedule
Resource Center Schedule
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