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  • Principal's Welcome | Centennial Regional High School

    Principal's Welcome Welcome Students and Parents, As a student, your years at Centennial will be filled with countless opportunities for you to experience academic success and to get involved in student life activities. Whether your interests lie in sports, sciences, the creative or performing arts, literature, languages, ethics, writing, mathematics, history, geography, technology, entrepreneurship or leadership – there is something special here at Centennial for you! Centennial Regional High School offers you a great opportunity to have an exceptionally positive experience at the secondary level. The curriculum is broad and challenging. It offers you the opportunity to master the skills that will be needed for the career path you eventually select. Our extracurricular program reflects the interests of all students. Many different activities of interest are available which will encourage and support your personal growth and development. Your secondary school experience will be whatever you choose to make of it. It will be determined by your commitment, conduct and contributions. We count on your loyal support, active participation and sincere efforts in maintaining the tradition of Centennial as being an outstanding place of learning. Sherry Tite Principal

  • Graduation Requirements | Centennial Regional High School

    Graduation Requirements Certification Requirements for Students Currently in Cycle II, Year III (Secondary V) The Ministière de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) will award a Secondary School Diploma to students who have accumulated 54 credits in Cycle II, Year II & III (Secondary IV and V), twenty of which must be from Cycle II, Year III (Secondary V) level courses. The following courses must also be taken and passed: 20 credits at the Cycle II, Year III (Sec. V) level; 6 credits in Cycle II, Year III (Sec. V) English Language Arts; 4 or 6 credits in Cycle II, Year III (Sec. V) French Second Language; 4 credits in Cycle II, Year II (Sec. IV) History & Citizenship; 4 or 6 credits in Cycle II, Year II (Sec. IV) Science & Technology; 4 or 6 credits in Cycle II, Year II (Sec. IV) Mathematics; 2 credits in Cycle II, Year II (Sec. IV) Arts Compulsory; 2 credits in Cycle II, Year III (Sec. V) Ethics & Religious Cultures or Physical Education & Health.

  • Governing Board | Centennial Regional High School

    Governing Board Established by the MELS Education Act, our governing board meets monthly to discuss issues related to the school's Educational Project as well as general items, educational services, community services, and physical and financial resources. The Governing Board makes decisions that are deemed to be in the best interest of our students. The board is composed of students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community representatives. Eight parents sit on the CRHS Governing Board, each for a two-year term. Four parents’ terms expire each year, requiring the election of four parent members on an annual basis. To be eligible, you must be the parent of a child attending CRHS. Parents who are interested in active involvement in the life of the school are encouraged to run for election in September. ​ GOVERNING BOARD MEMBERS FOR 2022-2023 CRHS Governing Board meeting dates for the 2022-2023 school year: VOTING MEMBERS: Peter Gils - Chair Monica Reyes - Vice-Chair David Fournier - Parents' Committee Rep. Daisy Alcindor - Alt. Parents' Committee Rep. Irene Costamis - Parent Janice Candish - Parent Laila Prud'homme - Parent Samantha Chiu - Parent Heather Grow - Teacher Ronny Jacob - Teacher Nadia Landry - Teacher Marie-Jade Roy - Teacher Lorraine Starnino - Teacher Elyssa Zemel - Teacher Barry Dobbs (Alt) - Teacher Aron Rosenzweig - Support Staff TBD - Support Staff Neela Parsnani - Parent Alternate Jessica Pichette - Parent Alternate NON-VOTING MEMBERS: Sherry-Lynne Tite - Principal Marcella Sealey - Administrative Supervisor M.M. Johnson - Community Rep. Marisa Ward - Community Rep. Christina Semper - PPO Rep. Date October 17, 2022 Location: TEAMS Secretary: L. Prud’homme November 21, 2022 Location: TBC Secretary: M. Rayes December 19, 2022 NO MEETING January 16, 2023 Location: TBC Secretary: D. Alcindor February 20, 2023 NO MEETING March 20, 2023 Location: TBC Secretary: I. Costamis April 17, 2023 Location: TBC Secretary: S. Chiu May 15, 2023 Location: TBC Secretary: J. Candlish June 19, 2023 Location: TBC Secretary: C. Semper

  • WOTP Prework | Centennial Regional High School

    WOTP Prework Work Oriented Training Pathway (WOTP): Prework What is WOTP Prework? In the context of the diversification of learning paths for students, the Work Oriented Training Path (WOTP) enables young people with learning difficulties to pursue their studies through adapted instruction in different contexts and to obtain certification through qualified training which prepares them for the job market. (MEES) WOTP Prework is a cohort-structured pathway. It is a three-year program with the possibility for students to remain until age 21. Who should apply? - Students who are 15 years old by September 30th. - Students who have not successfully completed English and Math - Students whose report card or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) shows that the Prework program is the most likely to meet their interests, needs, and abilities. WOTP WOTP WOTP WOTP 1/7 Why Centennial WOTP? - Small student-to-teacher ratio - Regular academic and social support - Real-world work experience within local community businesses - Possibility of job placement after studies - Community partnerships - Development of work skills needed for employment - Curricular and extracurricular field-trips and opportunities for socialization - Builds autonomy, self-awareness, and self-confidence Each student participates in academic, work-placements, and special projects based on their interests and abilities. Students are encouraged to be fully engaged in various school activities and clubs. What is the aim of the work-placement stage? From the Ministry of Education: The aim of the work-placement stage is to help students construct their occupational identity, adopt behaviors and attitudes required in the workplace and foster their gradual integration into the workforce, by offering them the opportunity to develop work-related competencies in actual work settings. They will also gain a better understanding of employers' requirements and their need for competent, reliable workers. (MEES) Students' work placements are a valuable part of their CV and demonstrate their ability to strive in the workplace. The work-placement stages - Students are placed in one of 129 different government-approved training programs according to their interests and abilities - Year 1: In-House work opportunities and community volunteerism - Year 2: 300 hours of real-world stage placements - Year 3: 600 hours of real-world stage placements - Fully supported workplace integration and travel-training - Regular support and supervision at work-place - Builds competencies, attitudes, and behaviors necessary in the work-place Upon successful completion of the Centennial WOTP program, students will have a completed Portfolio that includes the following: - Employability skills - Resume & letter of intent - Letters of recommendation - Work-placement evaluations - Interview strategies - Job retention strategies WOTP Prework Learning Outcomes - Attestation Diploma of work experience from the Ministère de l'Éducation et Enseignement supérieur (MEES) - Access to the job market - Continue education For more information, please contact: Nurin Somani Vice Principal ext. 6690

  • School Supply List | Centennial Regional High School

    School Supplies Secondary 1 -School Supply List centennial_regional_high_school_secondary_1__2023-2024 Secondary 2 -School Supply List centennial_regional_high_school_secondary_2__2023-2024 Secondary 3 -School Supply List centennial_regional_high_school_secondary_3__2023-2024 Secondary 4 -School Supply List centennial_regional_high_school_secondary_4__2023-2024 Secondary 5 -School Supply List centennial_regional_high_school_secondary_5__2023-2024 WOTP -School Supply List centennial_regional_high_school_WOTP__2023-2024

  • Course Outline | Centennial Regional High School

    Course Outlines ERC erc_1_course_outline erc_2_course_outline erc_4_course_outline erc_5_course_outline communication_and_relation History & Humain Science geography_sec_1 history_sec_1 geography_sec_2 history_sec_2 geographie_cycle_1_sec_1_2 histoire_cycle_1_sec_1_2 history_sec_3 histoire_sec_3 history_sec_4 Histoire Sec 4 world_geography_sec_5 contemporary_world_sec_5 monde_contemporain ancient_history_sec_5 financial_literacy Éducation_financiÈre Leadership & Other Optional Courses leadership_course_outline Ideas & exploration of technology Inside the Criminal Mind PSY5C Science & Technology sci-tech_sec_1 sci_-tech_sec_1_tag sci-tech_sec_2 sci_-tech_sec_2_tag sci_-tech_sec_4 sci_-tech_sec_4_enriched physics_sec_4_tag___sec_5 biology_544 chem_and_chemt French francais1 francais_lire francais3 francais4 francais5 fsl1 fsl2 fsl3 fsl4 fsl5 Home Economics family___life_skills vocational_exploration Physical Education phys-ed_sec_1 phys-ed_sec_2 phys-ed_sec_3 phys-ed_sec_4 team_sports_sec__4 phys-ed_sec_5 outdoor_ed_sec_5 physical_activity_for_life_sec_5 Math math_sec.1 math_sec.2 math_sec.3 math_cst_sec.4 math_science_sec.4 math_cst_sec.5 math_science_sec.5 Visual & Performance Arts courseoutlinearts courseoutlinedrama courseoutlinemusic courseoutline_film_creation musical_theatre

  • Courses | Centennial Regional High School

    Courses MIDDLE SCHOOL SECONDARY III, IV &V Cycle 1 Academic Program At each level: English or Enriched English French/Enriched French/Français Mathematics Ethics and Religious Culture Physical Education and Health In Addition: Year I Geography / Géographie History & Citizenship / Histoire & Citoyenneté Science & Technology I / Science et Technologie I Options: Art* Drama* Music* Dance* Year II Geography / Géographie History & Citizenship / Histoire & Citoyenneté Science & Technology II Options: *Same option as the previous year Cycle II Academic Program At each level: English or Enriched English French/Enriched French/Français Mathematics Physical Education and Health In Addition: Year I Secondary III Arts History & Citizenship Science & Technology POP (Personal Orientation Project) ** Ethics & Religious Culture Year II Secondary IV Arts E.R.C. History & Citizenship Histoire et Citoyenneté Science & Technology Secondary V Arts E.R.C. ​Contemporary World Options for secondary IV and V: Advanced Writing Ancient History Art 504 Biology Booktalk Chemistry Drama 504 Entrepreneurship Exploration of Vocational Training Family Life and Skills Outdoor Education Adventures Physics 504 Physical Activity for Life Science & Technology of the Environment 4 Science of the Environment 5 Script Writing World Geography World History

  • Facilities | Centennial Regional High School

    Facilities Athletic Facilities Centennial has a large gymnasium, which can divide into 4 separate facilities. We have a newly renovated fully equipped weight room, 1 spinning room / judo room. We also have in partnership with the Ville de Longueuil, three soccer fields and one track which are located at the back of the school. Auditorium We have an auditorium in which we hold all our yearly production of Follies, Music Show, Junior Play, Senior Play, and assemblies with a seating capacity of 470. Cafeteria We have a large common cafeteria. Library Award-winning Library

  • Contact Us | Centennial Regional High School

    Contact Us 450-656-6100 880 Hudson Greenfield Park, QC J4V 1H1 Send us a message First Name Last Name Email Write a message Submit Thanks for submitting! Administrative Team Sophie Compagna Principal ext. 5230 Amber Coones Vice-Principal ext. 6774 Steven Chan Vice-Principal ext. 6777 Marcella Paula Sealey Administrative Supervisor ext. 7279 Laurie Sauve School Secretary ext. 6057 Bonnie Parsons Office Agent ext. 6712 Secretary Tamara Herbert ext. 7700 Student Activities Technician Jessy Herron ext. 7234 School Organization Technician Annie Laufer ext. 6704 Office Agent TBD TBD ext. TBD

  • Parent Committees | Centennial Regional High School

    Parent Participation Organization (PPO) The goal of the Parent Participation Organization (PPO) is to support our school by raising funds for worthwhile causes such as scholarships, Student Support Centre ( E-100), sports, and student activities and materials. In addition to organizing the Annual Artisan Craft Sale, the PPO contributes to the success of Open House, Academic Awards, and teacher appreciation. CRHS PPO meeting dates for the 2022-2023 school year: PPO Committee January 10, 2023 May 09, 2023 PPO Sub Committee - Craft Fair November 08, 2022 November 22, 2022 November 29, 2022 (to be confirmed) Please note that all meetings are held at CRHS PPO FUNDRAISER-FUNDSCRIP: Group Code: JW23UE This year, PPO will be raising money for the purchase of 2 new scoreboards for the Centennial Gyms. PPO FUNDRAISER PROJECTS More information to come...

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